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Welcome To Bornamala School & College

Education-Your Door To The Future

Our modern facilities provide comfortable, safe and positive learning environments for all.

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Welcome to Bornamala Kindergarten & Pre-Cadet School

Creating Our Children's Future

We maintain the highest standards in education to help each child realize their potential.

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Exclusivly For Education

Education For Everyone

Bornamala providing excellence in education since 2005

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Kindergarten & Primary

We have play to class five for kindergarten and primary schooling education. Your 4 years child starts for play and next classes according to age range.

High School

After passing Class five or J.S.C Students get promoted to our high schooling part and start from class six and ends with S.S.C. Although, students should to pass J.S.C in class eight.


College part for class eleven and twelve. After passing S.S.C in public examination, students get admited to this part and ends with H.S.C public examination.

Welcome to Bornamala

Bornamala was established in 2005 By Md. Ramatullah Ratan. It was founded with a mission to provide a balanced and well-rounded education for all our students. Bornamala's mission is to build curious, knowledgeable and caring young individuals, who will be equipped to tackle head-on the challenges of our modern-day "global village". They will aspire to become responsible citizens, who will embrace and respect people from other cultures and walks of life.

Bornamala has built a reputation as a pioneer in education in Bangladesh being one of the first local private schools to...

  • provide science labs for secondary school students.
  • hire foreign experts to develop curriculum
  • provide mandatory, international-standard training for teachers and management
  • introduce sophisticated technology to manage data and information systems
  • introduce multimedia technology in classrooms

All these firsts have been achieved through the vision, hard work, passion and dedication of the faculty and management of Bornamala.

Our Teachers' List

We have highly educated and well skilled teacher for individual subject.

Our Facilities

We have various facilities for students and have more fun...

Computer laboratory

This computer laboratory has been decorated in such a way that the learners can get the maximum benefit. The computer laboratory of this college, undoubtedly, is equipped with modern facilities hardly found in any other educational institute of Bangladesh.

Science Laboratory

To ensure the quality education of science every section of this department has a large and attractive science laboratory facilitated fully with modern apparatus and necessary materials.


Our library of this college is one of the reputed libraries of the country. There are more than twenty thousand books in this library. In this bewildering library more than three hundred learners can study together at a time in a calm and quite silent environment.


Students are considered the spirit of the college, and to keep their liveliness spontaneous and to ensure uninterrupted teaching and learning environment this college has a powerful generator.


School bus service is available for students. The school buses serve all major residential areas in 10 km radius from the school .Students can avail the school transport subject to the availability of seats.

Health Care

We have a well-equipped infirmary that provides first aid to the students in need, under the supervision of a full time nurse. The basic physical development of the students is checked and reported periodically by the school nurse in collaboration with a qualified doctor.