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Admission Information

How to Apply

Admissions are finalized on a “first-come-first-served” basis and on the basis of vacancies available. Admission forms are to be collected personally from school campus. Admission forms are to be filled out clearly and completely and submitted with the required photographs and documents at school campus during the hours of operation.

Admission is based upon selection. Playgroup and nursery students have to go through an interview process with their parents. Students from Class One to Class Eleven have to take written exam and have to attend an interview session along with their parents before final selection.

Admission results are then posted on the school website or communicated over phone to the parents/guardians of selected students.

You can download our admission form Download

Screening and Interviews

Once the application form is submitted it will be assessed in a pre-selection process. If selected, then the student and parents will be called for the admission test and/or interview.

After processing the application, admission is offered or regretted, or candidates are placed on the waiting list if there are no vacancies.

Since a large number of applications are received every month, and the office has to go through several steps to process the applications, the Admissions Office can take some time to respond to applicants. Usually, all the procedures are completed within two weeks after receiving the application but we request for your patience in case it takes longer.

Written exams are taken for admission in Nursery and the higher classes in four core subjects - Bangla, English, Maths and Bangla.

Completing the Admission Form

We require several documents to be attached to the Admission Form, and a checklist is provided on the form itself. Please note that the following vaccination and immunization records should be provided with the Admission Form:

Applicant's photo

Proof of ID for applicants and both parents

Complete Admission Form

Birth Certificate

Citizen Certificate

These documents help us to process the application efficiently. We request parents to fill up the form and attach all documents carefully to ensure all the data provided is correct, true and accurate. Please check the forms and documents very carefully to ensure there are no mistakes; if mistakes or discrepancies in the admission form are found later, this can lead to all kinds of problems after the child has been admitted.


The admission process in Bornamala is very transparent. No external agents/agencies are appointed or involved in the admissions process; the admission office is the only point of contact for all admissions related applications and inquiries

During the admission process, interviews are held by a panel of senior management, not a single individual. The interview panel is a team of qualified individuals from Bornamala's senior management. No single management person has a role in the admissions process except those in the admissions office and on the interview and selection panel.

All decisions for admission are made through a committee, not by anyone individual.

Admission and Tution Fee's

Class Admission Form Admission Fee Session Fee Monthly Fee Exam Fee
Play 100 1000 - 325 325
Nursery 100 1000 500 325 325
Class One 100 1000 500 350 350
Class Two 100 1000 500 350 350
Class Three 100 1000 500 375 375
Class Four 100 1000 600 375 375
Class Five 100 1000 600 375 375
Class Six 100 1500 1000 400 400
Class Seven 100 1500 1000 400 400
Class Eight 100 1500 1000 400 400
Class Nine
Science 100 1500 1000 500 500
Arts & Commerce 100 1500 1000 450 450
Class Ten
Science 100 1500 1000 500 500
Arts & Commerce 100 1500 1000 450 450
Class Eleven
Science 100 3000 1500 1100 700
Arts & Commerce 100 3000 1500 1000 600
Class Twelve
Science 100 3000 1500 1100 700
Arts & Commerce 100 3000 1500 1000 600

All amount in this table shown in Taka.

For All Class :
Utility Bill - Tk. 600 (Will be charged equally in every terminal examination period.)
Others Charge - Tk. 600 (Will be charged equally in every terminal examination period.)
Yearly Developtment Charge - Tk. 500 (For all student)

Transport Fee :
Distance Amount
Up to 3Km 500
3Km to 5Km 600
5Km to 7Km 700
7Km to 9Km 800
More than 9Km 1000
To allocate transport, every student should to collect transport form & transport card from computer lab in due time.

School Visits

If parents want to visit the school they can contact the Admissions Office so that a visit can be arranged. Our campus visits will entail a walk-through the campus and a brief meeting with the management of the campus. It will not be possible for candidates or potential applicants to observe classes. However, our management will be happy to answer questions about our academic program.