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Academic Information


Our Specialty

Communicate with guardians and regular meeting with them.
Teaching by reputed, skilled and experienced teachers of the country.
Weekly & monthly test are held as Semester and tutorial examination.
As lesson feedback, daily reading completion in class.
Ensure to 100% passing with good result.
Prepare to admit in BUET, Medical & Public University.
Beautiful and green environment.
Modern and ethical educational system.
Skilled teacher for Arabic education.
To be punctual according to the lesson of Religious akida and belief.
Exclusively taking care to learn English and computer training with skilled teacher.
Resourceful science lab and home visit in timely.
To make competition, award are presented in every term result for students of merit position.
Transport facilities available.


We believe that the school should be a joyful and secure place for all. Therefore, we encourage every child to behave in a responsible and self-disciplined manner and to be concerned about the needs and rights of others. We endeavor to promote and encourage good behavior through a variety of means. Our code of conduct is based on the Islamic principles of Taqwa (the fear of Allah), good manners and respect of fellow beings.

Continuous aggressive behavior will be discussed with the parents concerned and appropriate action is taken by the Principal. Incidents of misbehavior will be dealt with in accordance with the discipline procedure of the school. A log book is kept in every class.


Male Female
Shirt White Shirt White
Pant White Pant White
Shoe White Shoe White
Cap White Scarf White

Extra Curricular Activities

The school students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities conducted by the teachers. The Science Club of the school organizes Annual Science Exhibition every year where the students demonstrate their science projects.

Students have monthly debate workshops, where besides debating, public speaking is also practiced. This builds confidence and initiates the quest for knowledge about current developments around the world.

Premier endeavors to enrich the students’ leadership qualities and creative faculty by arranging regular information sessions about development and changes taking place globally.

The school involves students who love to help the less fortunate people in the country at normal times as well as during times of distress. The students spend time with special people and help them to feel that they are accepted people of the society.

Sports occupy an important place at Premier. There is an annual sports event

Games such as cricket, football, and basketball are given importance. Indoor games facilities like Table Tennis are provided.

The English Club students publish a yearly newsletter about the school activities.

Students participate in school sponsored study tours.